This Is Why I’m On A No Buy! Makeup Haul of Shame Part 1

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Comment (28)

  1. That is so disappointing that you haven't heard back from Unearthly.
    Man, I LOVED this haul!! 😍😍 living vicariously through you. Yes, tons of new makeup can be overwhelming but it's also so so exciting! Can't wait to see all the upcoming content 😃

  2. I had issues with unearthly on a order that never got delivered took a month for them to answer my email and when they did I asked for a refund and got store credit so yea my taste in them has changed as well 🙄🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. No buys are great! But so is treating yourself 😌happy birthday month! I also liked that L’Oréal primer! But I think they released a new Mattifying one if I remember correctly so they might be phasing it out.

  4. No shame hah! It’s nice sometimes to just give into all the whims hah!
    Full honesty, I won’t ever buy from Unearthly Cosmetics. Their whole drama with copyright images on palettes and now hearing about the lip issue with 0 response… there are so many other brands out there that I can spend my money on 🙂

  5. U literally does not look close to 38, u look max just hitting ur 30th. Just wanna let you know I really enjoy u sharing ur love for makeups with us, hope you never lost interest in making video sharing with us

  6. Epic haul!! Thanks for sharing! I’d like to see some eye looks done with the Amunet palette 😍 I’ve been on the fence because I don’t “need” any new palettes and I can’t return it if need be like I could at Sephora or Ulta but the Adept palettes are so gorgeous!

  7. I bought the unearthly holiday punk set and had to toss the lipsticks because they burned my lips. At least I like the palette. I think. I am off the brand because of that burning lip thing.


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